When is the best time to visit a museum in Amsterdam?

Museums are very popular tourist destinations and as such, it’s not uncommon to find them…

Museums are very popular tourist destinations and as such, it’s not uncommon to find them filled up with crowds of people. The Moco Museum is not any different. As one of the most notable museums of modern art in the city of Amsterdam, knowing the right time to visit can help maximize your overall experience in a huge way. Well, this post will give you some ideas on some of the best times to go and the factors to consider.

 Assess your schedule first

Before you even start thinking about visiting the museum, it is important to know how your schedule looks. After all, you can only be able to visit if you have free time. Part of planning your visit will involve finding a convenient time that is good for you. The Moco Museum is thankfully open for most parts of the day, including weekends. It’s therefore much easier to plan a visit there without deviating too much from your schedule.

Determine peak hours

Museums often get the biggest share of visitors during the weekend. A lot of people will visit on Saturday or Sunday since this is perhaps the only free time they have. For this reason, it is likely that you will find the hallways packed with art lovers. While a big crowd is not a bad thing, there are people who just want to visit when there are very few people around. If you are one of those people, then avoid visiting during the weekend.

Morning hours are perfect

The Moco Museum is not that big. In fact, you can easily explore every corner of the museum within three hours. So, if you don’t want to deal with so many people, get up early and be done by noon. The Moco is opened by 8 o’clock in the morning. This gives you the perfect window of opportunity to get in, enjoy the artwork, and be on your way to other activities.

You don’t have to stay long

Museums can be exciting and there is always this temptation to hang around for too long. Well, you don’t have to. An hour of exploring the art should be enough to give you an incredible experience. So, if you find that your schedule is so tight, you can sneak in later in the evening for an hour and grab a snack on your way out. That way, you will enjoy everything the Amsterdam Museum has to offer within a short time.