What Makes the Electrical Circuit?

We have seen many electrical devices used for various purposes in our daily lives. Commonly used electrical devices like washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, televisions feature electrical circuits, which are key sources for the functioning of the devices. These circuits establish the flow of current through it in order to make it functional. The circuit diagram is the form to represent the electrical circuit in a device. The circuit is composed of various electrical components.

What is Meant by Circuit Diagram

A circuit diagram is also referred to as an elementary diagram, electronic schematic, and electrical diagram. The circuit diagram is made of various electrical components that are connected together in various forms. It indicates the relative positions of all the elements. 

The circuit diagram is a pictorial representation aimed to showcase the physical arrangement of the components and wires they connect and is called artwork, layout, physical design, or wiring diagram. A pictorial circuit diagram uses images of components. The schematic diagram represents the components used in the circuit and how they are connected using standardised symbolic representations. A system of conducting elements that are designed to conduct electric current for a particular purpose is known as an electric circuit. The simple electrical circuit is as represented below. A simple electrical circuit consists of a light source, battery, and switch. 

A cell, switch and a light bulb, when placed together, constitute a circuit. The switch can be opened and closed to turn the light bulb off and on. The actual layout and component differ from one circuit to another. Each circuit has different components and arrangements of components. After understanding what is meant by a circuit diagram or electric circuit, let us know what are the various components used in the circuit along with their electrical symbols.

Components and Their Symbols

For the understanding purpose of the user to know which component is used in the circuit, each component is represented using different symbols known as electrical symbols. Electrical symbols are defined with national and international standards. These symbols are a form of graphical representations that represent electronic and electrical components.

For example: The line symbol is used to represent the connection between any two components of the circuit. The wire is represented as shown below:

The voltameter which is used to measure the electrical potential is as shown below:

A semiconductor device with two terminals that allows current to flow only in one direction is known as a diode. The diode is represented as shown below:

The variable resistance or the rheostat, which is used to regulate the amount of current flow by increasing or decreasing the resistance to the current flow, is represented as:

There are many types of power sources like solar cell, battery, cell, DC power supply, AC power supply, and many more. Each power supply is represented using different symbols. In order to build an effective circuit diagram, it is essential to understand the representation of each electrical component. Knowledge about electrical symbols and circuit diagrams is essential for science students to understand the concept of the circuit, current flow, and voltage.