December 3, 2022

Leann Coulter would have a feeling of dread whenever she had to go to the dentist or doctor during her gender transition.  

She described the experience as a fight. Medical staff frequently misgendered Coulter, or even deadnamed her (used her name assigned at birth) despite requests for the opposite. 

But that feeling changed when she was referred to a medical center specializing in trans patients in Southern California for hormone treatment.

“It’s a different feeling actually dealing with a doctor who doesn’t look at you as someone who’s transgender,” Coulter, 39, told USA TODAY. “They look at you as a normal patient. I don’t have to fight for anything; I can just ask for it.” 

Triumph Trans Services in Cathedral City, California, opened last November and provides multidisciplinary health care services for transgender and nonbinary patients. The center is part of Borrego Health’s 26 clinics across Southern California, which has seen its trans patients grow from 200 to 1,200 in the past four years, said Toni D’orsay, director of transgender services at Borrego.