Since beginning his weight loss transformation in May 2019, Pete, who runs a flooring business in his hometown in Leicestershire, has lost 10 percent of his body weight. He has also shed 11kg, or almost two stone. How did he do it?

Pete told that he used to be an active young man, playing “a lot of football up to my late 20s”.

But age took a toll on his weight.

He said: “I went through my 30s and 40s consumed with being a dad for my three young girls and building up my flooring business.

“Playing five-a-side football just once a week wasn’t really cutting it , and the only way was up for my 36 inch waist.

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“I was constantly getting injured due to ne being unfit and overweight, combined with absolutely no food nutrition education.

“My trousers started pinching as I peaked at 98kg.”

Pete found it difficult in the beginning to change his lifestyle as he would tell himself “I need to do something about this”, but he explained that “before I knew it another busy week had passed and I’d done nothing”.

However, that’s when Pete bumped into Nick Wardle.


The dad-of-three told “He was opening his new gym, The Body Transformation Centre, next to my Loughborough flooring store.”

Pete paid the gym a visit and explained how Nick “wanted to find out a bit about me my lifestyle and my future goals”.

He continued: “Nick came across extremely passionate about his business, which I found contagious, and he got across the importance of nutrition, as well as the regular physical training.”

Pete signed up to do a six-week target-based programme for £300, which meant if he reached his target, he would get his money back.

The programme involved three training sessions a week and access to “endless” information about diet and nutrition.

Following Nick’s advice, Pete downloaded the My Fitness Pal app to monitor his nutrition and calorie intake.

After six weeks, Pete said he was “hooked” and reinvested his £300 into an annual membership, upping his attendance to five gym sessions a week.

By November 2019, just five months after his initial gym session, Pete had dropped 10 percent of his body weight and lost 11kg, or just over one and a half stone.

As for diet, Pete told “I try to avoid alcohol in the week and avoid eating any great quantity of bread, rice, and pasta.

“For instance, if I have an Indian meal, the rice and bread will be swapped for sag spinach or a vegetable side dish.

“I don’t eat as much meat as I used to and fish has replaced meat.”

Pete described losing weight as “a life changer”, adding: “I am so very relieved I lost this weight before the lockdown as I know I would have put considerably more weight on, which would have caused depression.

“Also, having a different mindset towards exercise and diet helps massively with my general wellbeing.”