Traveler reveals trick to avoid paying for extra carry-on luggage

A traveler has revealed a trick to avoid paying for extra hand luggage when she catches a flight.

And all she needed was a popular item that a lot of people already have – a travel pillow.

The woman, who uses the handle @anayotothe, shared a video on Tiktok showing her pulling the stuffing out of a travel pillow to make storage space for her clothes.

She said: “Trying the Spirit and Frontier pillow hack cuz I ain’t tryna pay $60 for a carry on.

“A few weeks ago I saw a travel hack on Tiktok for the budget airlines that don’t let you carry on a bag. Instead, you can use a travel pillow as additional storage.

“So I got this pillow from Walgreens for $9 and holla there’s a zipper.”

She then unzipped the travel pillow and pulled out the stuffing.

She continued: “Look at all this random filling! Make sure to get a pillow with a zipper for easy stuffing.”

Next, she panned the camera round to show the clothes that she couldn’t fit into her rucksack, which included tops and dresses.

Pillow hack traveling
Instead of spending $60 for carry-on luggage this passenger only spent $9.

She then stuffed the clothes into the travel pillow – which all fit except for one shirt – and put the travel pillow on top of her rucksack.

She said: “Here’s my luggage. Let’s see if I make it on without paying.”

The woman followed up with a second video where she revealed that the hack worked and she managed to make her flights to and from Las Vegas without being charged extra for the clothes in her travel pillow

Tik Tok pillow
The TikTok user let her viewers know the best type of pillow to purchase for the hack.
Pillow stuffing
She advises your pillow needs to have an easy zipper so you can pull out the stuffing.

The two videos have been watched more than 900,000 times, and commenters were grateful for the hack.

One person wrote: “Yes I will try this. I’m not paying more for luggage than the flight cost.”

Another commented: “Girl [you] must’ve known I just booked a Frontier flight and swiftly denied bags. Def gonna try this.”

Flight attendants also got involved, praising her for the tip and confirming others doing the same wouldn’t be charged.

Pillow stuffing
She pulled out the pillow stuffing out, ready to stuff her clothes inside.
Pillow hack
The viral video has more people wanting to save money with this pillow hack.

One commented: “As a Spirit flight attendant, this is brilliant! I saw good for you.”

A second wrote: “I work at Spirit and I do charge people, but if she has that then I promise no one would say anything.”

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This story originally appeared on The Sun and has been reproduced here with permission.