TOP 20 EDM & Electronic Music Festivals in the USA (2022 Edition)

Looking for the best Electronic Music festivals in the USA 2023? Well, look no further, because I’ve put together a pretty solid EDM Festivals bucket list!

In the past decade, I’ve witnessed electronic dance music explode in popularity in America, and with that, the festival scene has grown into a massive industry!

While you most likely have already heard of the major events like EDC, Ultra, Coachella, etc – there are some really epic events all over the country, and I think I’ve picked out the best EDM festivals and epic raves USA has to offer!

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But without further ado, here’s what I think are the best 20 EDM Festivals in the USA!

EDM Festivals 2023

1) Electric Daisy Carnival

Electric Daisy Carnival - EDM Festivals 2023

EDC is easily the BEST of the EDM Festivals 2023 | Photo via EDC Facebook

When: May 19-21, 2023

Where: Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas

All Are Welcome Under the Electric Sky | Dusk Til’ Dawn

Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC for short) Las Vegas is the largest electronic dance music festival in North America, but any EDM fan already knows that. What started in 1997 as a warehouse party in Los Angeles, has turned into one of the most epic and massive festivals in the entire world, and should be at TOP at every raver’s bucket list!  

I’ve personally attended EDC three different times now: the last edition that happened in Los Angeles (2011), the first year it was in Las Vegas (2012), and once again in Vegas back in 2014.  It truly is unlike any EDM festival I’ve been to in the USA, and the team over Insomniac events go above & beyond to ensure the “headliners” (the attendees) all have a life-changing experience every year!! 

EDC is a unique multi-day festival pushing the boundaries of imagination, and setting standards in the live entertainment industry. By incorporating carnival themes and attractions, cutting-edge stage production, world-class talent, and innovative art and technology, EDC is more than an electronic music festival – it is an unparalleled multi-sensory experience unlike any other. The brand has created a passionate community of accepting fans that have turned EDC into a way of life. The foundation upon which the phenomenon was built is one of unity, love, self expression, and respect for one another.”

Join the EDC Las Vegas Festival 2023 for more information!

2) Ultra Music Festival

Ultra Music Festival - EDM Festivals 2023

Ultra is personally one of my favorite EDM Festivals on the list | Photo credit: RUDGR

When: March 24-26, 2023

Where: Miami, Florida

The world’s premier electronic music festival, boasting elite DJs and unparalleled production located in the beautiful city of Miami.

In the EDM industry, one could think that the ULTRA Music Festival is seeking global domination…because they have been throwing events in nearly every corner of the globe. From South Africa to South America, Thailand to Taipei, Singapore to Sydney, ULTRA has consistently proven it’s a key player in the music festival game!  

For over 20 years, ULTRA Music Festival has invited its guests to downtown Miami for a weekend of top-notch electronic tunes during Miami Music Week. While I haven’t attended the event in Miami yet, I did get the chance to attend ULTRA Europe a couple of years ago and was absoltuely blown away by the quality of production and overall experience! While ticket prices are notoriously expensive, when you purchase a ticket to ULTRA you’re in for a wild ride!

“For EDM fans around the world, Ultra in Miami is a must-stop on the international circuit. While most of the United States is shivering in parkas waiting for the summer festival season, Ultra fans are dancing their asses off in sunny Miami. The show always delivers surprises – both in the musical acts and the fans that attend.”

Join the Ultra Music Festival 2023 Facebook event for more informatoon

3) Imagine Music Festival 

Imagine Music Festival - EDM Festivals 2022

Imagine has become a fan favorite EDM Festival!

When: September 15-17, 2023

Where: Kingston Downs, Rome, Georgia

We look forward to bringing your imagination to life! Welcome to the Imagine Music Festival.

When it comes to the best EDM festivals in America, this is the ONE I’m personally dying to check out myself! Everyone I know who has attended has expressed how amazing it is, and every year the Imagine Festival crew wow their attendees with stacked line-ups, impressive stage designs, and unbeatable rave community vibes!


It’s no surprise it’s recently been  voted as one of “Top 20 Festivals in the World” by Fest300, as well as in the “Top Ten Emerging Music Festivals by USA Today”!  


“When Imagine Music Festival arrives, the event will transport festival-goers to an immersive aquatic fairytale featuring multiple magnificent stages with world-class sound and lighting production. Wander through fantastic atmospheres filled with mind-bending circus performers, mermaids, sea creatures, art installations, vendors, CAMPING and more, creating an unforgettable 360-degree experience.”


4) Electric Zoo Festival

Best EDM Festivals in New York 2022

One of New York’s best electronic music festivals!

When: September 2-4, 2023 (Labor Day Weekend)

Where: Randall’s Island Park, New York City

New York’s Premiere Electronic Music Festival

“Established in 2009 by Made Event, the internationally renowned Electric Zoo Festival is one of New York City’s largest music festivals and features the top names in electronic music, bringing a wide variety of acts from around the world and across the spectrum of electronic music’s various sub-genres. International editions of Electric Zoo have taken place in Mexico City, Tokyo, Shanghai, and São Paulo.

Electric Zoo celebrates the joy of electronic music every year by putting on one of the biggest, most immersive festival experiences in the world.”

5) Electric Forest Festival

Electric Forest - EDM Festivals 2022

Image via Don Idio –

When: June 2023

Where: Rothbury, Michigan

“Have you ever felt anything like it? The beat of the bass charging the atmosphere with electrifying energy. Bolts of lightning streaking through the forest, arcing around the trees, and captivating the crowd into awe.A mind-melting experience of community, woodland, and rhythm bringing 45,000 people together every year in a musical-matrix of natural and electric vibrations…”

Out of all the EDM festivals on this list, Electric Forest definitely wins for having the best venue! Tucked deep in the woods of Michigan, once a year pops up a magical land filled colorful lights & lazers shining through the massive trees, epic stages with performances from world-class artists, and top-notch vibes from the loving #ForestFamily. Make sure you snag tickets to this one early, because they are certainly hard to come by!

It’s one of the most highly sought after music festivals in the country, and is guaranteed to be one of the highlights of your summer!

Festival Survival Tip: Electric Forest is one of the coolest and most unique festivals in the world, but be sure to keep yourself hydrated and keep your belongings safe by picking up a Lunchbox Hydration Pack. It’s the leading hydration pack in the festival industry, and an Electric Forest must-have with its unique customizable/trippy skins!

6) Beyond Wonderland PNW

Beyond Wonderland at The Gorge

PNW’s EDM Camping Festival at the iconic Gorge!

When: June 2023

Where: The Gorge Amphitheatre, Washington

Pacific Northwest’s Premier Electronic Music Festival

One of California’s largest and most well-known EDM festivals is returning to Washington for the third time in 2023 (after an incredible two years)

The Gorge is one of the most jaw-dropping festival venues in the world, and with Insomniac bringing their world-class festival production, incredible EDM line-up, and epic campsites – this is an inaugural debut that EDM fans should travel all over the country to attend!

I currently live in Seattle, and have had tons of friends attend this two-day spectacular, and it comes highly recommended!

7) Groove Cruise Miami 2023 | EDM Festival Cruise

Groove Cruise - Best EDM Festivals

Simply the best EDM Festival on a cruise in 2023!

When: January 19-24, 2023

Where: Miami – Labadee (Celebrity Summit)

Groove Cruise is the OG music festival at sea, and will definitely be one of the best experiences of your life!  I’ve now attended three different Groove Cruises, and it’s simply one of the best atmospheres I’ve found in the festival scene.

There is something unexplainably magical that occurs when the GCFAM gets together, and it’s honestly one of my favorite festivals in the entire world. They always deliver stacked line-ups with a mix of EDM, House, Trance, and Techno, and deliver a wide variety of unique activities.

Groove Cruise - Electronic Dance Music Festivals

In 2023, the GCFAM are returning back to the nautical party lifestyle, and depart for four days of madness at sea! While it may be a more expensive than some of these EDM festivals, but it’s also an unforgettable vacation! Check out my reviews below, and I’m sure you’ll be joining the GCFAM when you can!

There are typically two different Groove Cruise events each year, so get some friends together, and get ready for the nautical adventure of your dreams.  Trust me – you will LOVE IT!

8) Bonnaroo Music Festival

Bonnaroo Music Festivals - EDM Events 2022

Photo by Andrew Jorgensen

When: June 15-18, 2023 

Where: Manchester, Tennessee

The most positive place on this planet, and a once-in-a-lifetime experience, every time.

Bonnaroo is…Thousands of happy campers. 700 acres of Tennessee nature. 150 epic performances. 10+ Stages of music. Dozens of comedians. 4 of the best days ever. An escape into Excitement. Music. Art. Discoveries. Trees. Fresh Air. Green Grass. A mini film fest. Friends (Old / New). Adventure. Overwhelming happiness. Hugging a stranger by accident. Sharing and Generosity. Funky Dancing. Hyperbolic verbiage. System overload.

The perfect bite of ice cream. Sandals. Fallovers. Chirping Birds. Flashing Lights. Food and Drink. Variety. Singing. Laughing. Short shorts. High-Fives. Rocky IV in the cinema tent at 3am. Spicy Pie. Memories. Someone dressed up like Teen Wolf. Holy Cow(!) Moments. Interesting factoids. Egg sandwiches. More music. Adventure. Deep Breaths. Big smiles. This. That. The Other. Hellos and Goodbyes and reminders of all that we have to celebrate and look forward to next year and in the future.”

Join the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival (2023 – Official) Facebook event for more info!

Bonnaroo Camping EDM Festival

Photo by Andrew Jorgensen

While it may not be exclusively an EDM festival, Bonnaroo definitely earns its place on this list! With never-ending music all weekend long, you’re guaranteed to experience the bender of a lifetime! It’s one of the longest-running and most popular festivals in North America, and the 2021 line-up include EDM acts like Rufus Du Sol, Deadmau5, Big Wild, Troiboi, Dr. Fresch, and so many more.

Bonnaroo features a diverse lineup of 150+ musicians and other performance artists every year. With 10+ stages and entertainment that goes ALL NIGHT LONG, you will NOT be bored. AND Camping at Bonnaroo is hardly “camping” by most definitions of the word – it’s a non-stop adventure of discovery and human connection with your fellow Bonnaroovians, and a key to the one-of-a-kind Bonnaroo experience.

9) HARD Summer Music Festival

Hard Summer - Best California EDM Raves 2022

Credit: Doug Van Sant

When: August 2023

Where: The Speedway in Fontana, San Bernadino, California

This annual two-day mega-festival has been a Southern California favorite for over a decade, and always manages to put together an unbelievably stacked line-up, incredible stage production, and overall stellar festival experience. 

The team over at HARD Events have been a key player in the growth of the EDM scene in the United States, and acutally, my first massive rave in the USA was HARD Haunted Mansion back in 2009! From producing events like HARD Day of the Dead, Holy Ship, and HARD Red Rocks: attending one of their events will always impress!

10) Lost Lands Festival

Lost Lands - EDM Festivals USA

Image via

When: September 2023

Where: Thornville, Ohio

Genre: EDM, Bass, Dubstep


“Experience Lost Lands, presented by Excision, at the beautiful Legend Valley in Thornville, OH this September! See the land before time in all its glory — dinosaurs included. The insane Lost Lands lineup is curated by Excision himself, & it’s sure to rattle the fields right down to their core.  Grab your tickets and catch the top artists from the past 65 million years and join us for the filthiest 3 days of bass you have ever experienced!”

11) Camp Bisco

Camp Bisco - Electronic Dance Music Festivals 2022

When: July 2023

Where: Montage Mountain, Scranton

Genre: Electronic

“Camp Bisco is an outdoor music festival held at the picturesque Montage Mountain, a world-class concert venue & waterpark located in Scranton, PA. Camp Bisco is a 3-day, rain-or-shine event with camping. Camp Bisco will feature 3 days and nights of music on 3 stages. Anyone who has been before can tell you, Camp Bisco is the best event of its kind and we’re so excited to see you all again! Join us at Montage Mountain for our 17th installment of this amazing weekend for the ultimate escape to your reality.”

12) Governor’s Ball

When: June 2023

Where: Randall’s Island Park, New York City

Music. Art. Food. Experiences. Community. Surprises. NEW. YORK. CITY.

“The Gov Ball experience encompasses all of these and is unlike any other festival out there. Built by New Yorkers, for New Yorkers, the festival is always evolving, always entertaining, and always striving to exceed your expectations.

“We started all this 8 years ago because we were music lovers who lived in a city that needed – that deserved – a contemporary music festival. Music is always our primary focus, and with 60+ artists of all genres across 4 stages, there is something for everyone.”

13) Lollapalooza Music Festival

Best EDM Festivals 2022

Credit: Charles Reagan / Lollapalooza 2018

When: August 3-6, 2023

Where: Grant Park, Chicago

Genre: EDM / Various

With 8 stages, and 170+ bands from all over the world, every Lollapalooza lineup makes hands wave, heads nod, and crowds holler.

“What started as a single-stage music showcase put together in 1991 by Perry Farrell, lead singer of Jane’s Addiction, has since evolved into a larger-than-life music experience like no other. Connecting with the city’s deep musical legacy, Lollapalooza set down roots and made Chicago its home in 2005 —and it hasn’t looked back.

Now a destination event, thousands of fans travel from around the world to experience the massive crowds, scenic lakefront setting, and incredible entertainment every summer.”

Join the Lollapalooza Festival 2023 for more info!

14) Beyond Wonderland 

Beyond Wonderland - EDM Festivals in California 2023

When: March 24-25, 2023

Where: San Manuel Amphitheater, San Bernadino, California

Insomniac Events are known for throwing some of the biggest and craziest raves in California, and Beyond Wonderland is definitely one you cannot miss!  They always deliver a world-class line-up, beautiful stage production, and a loving PLUR filled atmosphere!  Expect wild pyrotechnics, wild outfits, and pounding bass for a weekend you’ll never forget!

“Embark on an adventure to the far side of the forest, exploring what exists Beyond Wonderland.”

Join the Beyond Wonderland EDM Festival SoCal 2023 for more information!

15) Lights All Night Festival 

EDM Festivals Texas

Photo via Facebook

When: December 29-30, 2022

Where: Dallas, Texas

The longest-running EDM festival in Texas!

When it comes to raves in Texas, you really can’t get any bigger or better than the highly anticipated Lights All Night festival! Celebrate the 11th anniversary of LAN in 2021 with  an experience any music lover won’t want to miss. Join us for a diverse mix of world-class talent, one of a kind fans, and a futuristic music experience like no other.”

Join the Lights All Night 2022 event for more information!

16) Dreamstate Festival

Dreamstate - Trance EDM Festivals USA

Photo via Dreamstate FB

When: November 18-19, 2022

Where:  San Diego & San Francisco

All trance, all the time. You’re not living in reality anymore, you’re living in Dreamstate.

“Envision a world where ethereal beats and timeless melodies abduct you from the everyday and take you to a higher state. Insomniac’s brand-new, all-trance event brings that vision to life. This music has the power to connect, the power to soothe, and the power to heal. It’s time to experience that power together. Get your boarding passes and prepare to enter Dreamstate.”

17) Global Dance Festival 2023

EDM Festivals in Colorado

When: July 2023

Where: Denver, Colorado

“Embrace your sense of adventure and get your heart racing on one of the many carnival rides, dance like no one’s watching at the Silent Disco, wander amongst the many striking art installations and discover other hidden gems throughout the GDF grounds while you meander from stage to stage.

A mainstay of Colorado’s passion for dance music, Global Dance Festival has grown to become the premier summer music festival in the Rocky Mountain region! This year, Global Dance Festival expands to its new home at Sports Authority Field at Mile High!”

18) Lightning In a Bottle 2023

Lightning In A Bottle - Best Electronic Festivals USA

Image via Eric Allen Photo

When: May 24-29, 2023

Where: Buena Vista Lake, Kern County, California

Lightning in a Bottle, or more commonly referred to as “LIB”, is one of the largest transformational music festivals in North America.

While it always boasts an incredible electronic line-up, there is much to more to this spiritually awakening festival.  Many friends of mine have called it their favorite festival they’ve ever attended, and it will easily be a life-changing festival experience.  Go to some workshops, do some yoga, take a refreshing dip in the lake, watch the sunrise, and party like there’s no tomorrow!

Celebrating Art, Music, Performance, Sustainability & Life. 

“The history of LIB spans more than a decade, and friends, family, and cohorts of The Do LaB are thrilled and astounded that it’s been more than ten years of making miracles and catching Lightning in a Bottle!”

Join the Lightning in a Bottle 2023 | The 20th Anniversary for more details!

19) Decadence Festival 2022

Decadence Arizona - EDM Festivals 2022

Photo by Jacob Tyler Dunn

When: December 29-30, 2022

Where: Chandler, Arizona

Arizona’s Largest EDM New Years Eve Festival

“DECADENCE is a 2-day New Year’s Eve experience that features a diverse lineup of artists that is sure to please all… If you live on the West-coast, love music, and yearn for adventure… you will want to gather your friends and make the journey to DECADENCE where you can say your final goodbyes to 2021 and kick off 2022 with a BANG.”

Join the Decadence Arizona 2022 | Ancient Future for more information!

20) Coachella Music & Arts Festival 

Coachella - EDM Festivals

When: April 14-16, and April 21-23, 2023 (Two Weekends)

Where: Empire Polo Club, Indio, California

Last, but certainly not least, Coachella is one of the largest, and most popular music & art festivals in the entire world, and it’s guaranteed to be a weekend experience that you’ll never forget! 

Every year they bring an unbelievably stacked line-up spanning every genre (with a star-studded EDM lineup), massively beautiful stage production, incredible food & drink vendors, and a really solid festival atmosphere. 

While Coachella may have gotten a reputation for being all about celebrities and fashion in recent years…it’s still one hell of party!  While I’ve only personally attended twice (in 2014 & 2018), both weekends have been so insanely fun, and I’d recommend it to every music festival addict! 

Join the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival 2023 Facebook Event for more information

What are some other incredible EDM Festivals 2023…?

This was a super fun article to put together, and I would love to hear which EDM festival you think I should add to my list!? The truth is that I can already think of at least a dozen different festivals I could add, but I wanted to keep it to a nice top 20 list! 

With the rise of the popularity of electronic dance music in the last decade, more and more festivals are popping up all over the country! These 

EDM Festivals America 2020

Looking for more music festivals in North America?

My website is filled with articles just like this, so I’d invite you to check out a few more articles to help you find the best upcoming events, parties, raves, and festivals near you!! There are some hidden gems in here for sure!  

Best EDM Festivals in USA

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