The Soho Face Sculptor Who Swears By Bespoke Serums

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“Hi! I’m Crystal (@crystalgreenestudio). I’m an aesthetician with a private practice in Soho, where I specialize in facial sculpting massage. My approach to beauty is very similar to the way I approach skincare with clients. It’s minimal, curated, intentional, and therapeutic. I’ve appreciated beauty since I was a young girl. When I was little, I watched my grandmother wear long blonde dreadlocks, mismatched earrings and clothing, and bright blue or green nail polish. She was always ahead of her time and still is.

In my own routine in the morning, I rinse my skin with water or wash with one of my milky cleansers—Dermaviduals Cleansing Milk or In Fiore Treate Cleansing Emulsion. They are both incredibly gentle on the skin and don’t leave it feeling stripped or tight. I’ll pat my skin dry and do a quick three-minute massage to release tension and get the blood circulating. Then, I’ll either use my hands or a spiked jade roller (which feels amazing), to soften the tension in my jaw and neck. I always follow with a hydrating toner. Prepping the skin with a humectant base toner balances my skin and gives an extra layer of hydration before applying serums. My favorites are Dermaviduals Lotion N, Marie Veronique Hypotonic and Violette’s Boum Boum Milk. Lately, I’ve been reaching for Dermaviduals Lotion N. It has omega 3 and 6 oils.

Next, my favorite part. I custom blend a daily serum from Dermaviduals based on my skin’s needs that day. I custom blend serums for clients as well. The serums consist of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Now that it’s fall, I’ve been blending a combination of evening primrose extract, boswellia, vitamin C, and grape seed extract, and sealing it with their amazing hyaluronic liposome serum, which gives the most radiant glow. Lastly, I finish with Dermaviduals High Classic Cream, which is the perfect moisturizer for barrier function.

At night, I use fewer products and more active ingredients. I cleanse my skin with Marie Veronique Pure E.O. Free Oil Cleanser to break down sunscreen, or I’ll double cleanse with a milky cleanser. Every other night I apply Marie Veronique Multi Retinol Night Emulsion, which I find to be quite effective. On nights when I do not use retinol, I apply Dermaviduals Lotion N toner and apply my custom blend Dermaviduals serum. I just started to incorporate microneedling once a week and will finish with the BioEffect Imprinting Hydrogel Mask. I’m waiting on my Lyma laser device to come in the mail, which I will start to incorporate into my nighttime routine and treatments.

My day-to-day makeup is Saie Beauty’s Hydrabeam concealer in 4 around my eyes, chin, and nose. If I want more coverage, I’ll use the Saie Slip Tint in 5.5, but not usually on days when I’m wearing a mask. I apply Well People Expressionist Mascara and Anastasia Clear Brow Gel. I miss the days of wearing lipstick regularly—most days I’m wearing a mask because of the nature of my work. Red lipstick instantly transforms my vibe. I love Estee Lauder’s Poppy Sauvage [note: it was limited edition] and sometimes I’ll wear it under my mask if I want a pick-me-up. It reminds me of red Chinese lacquer—I buy four at a time. If I’m not wearing red lipstick, I’ll dress up my eyes and line the waterline with a brown eye pencil. And occasionally, I like to wear bronzer on my cheeks for a sun-kissed look.

In Fiore products are an all-time favorite. The way the scents linger and layer are exquisite, and the vibrancy of the golden colors are unlike anything I’ve encountered. I love the Lustra Illuminating Oil Cleanser and I love, love, love the Calendula Solution Oil to moisturize. Honestly, it feels more like anointing your body. It’s pure alchemy—mysterious and sensual. If it’s winter, I’ll mix it with shea butter or Dermaviduals Body Moisturizer for added hydration.

I usually wash with an unscented body wash—I really like one called Iota Supervitamin. I’m also really into Soft Services products—I like the Clearing Clay, which has sulfur, and the Clearing Mist. I also use Necessaire Deodorant Gel in Eucalyptus. I really love the refreshing scent of the eucalyptus and it doesn’t irritate my skin.

I’m low maintenance with my hair—I cut it short when I was 13. For seven years I wore it shaved, but I grew it a little longer during the pandemic. I go to O Salon in Brooklyn, and the owner, Heather, cuts my hair. She has been cutting my hair for the past 18 years. Sometimes I want to try something different, but in all honesty, I’m a creature of habit. I usually cut my hair every three weeks—too much length aggravates me. At home, my maintenance is very minimal. I tie my hair with a silk scarf before bed, and in the morning, I apply Bread Hair Oil and run my fingers through to slightly style it. I’m literally done in five minutes.

I’m grateful to have a profession where my work feels like meditation, offering me great peace, stillness, and solace. When I’m in treatment giving a face massage, the rhythmic movements feel like a dance and I often drift into a zone. I feel very fortunate to do this work. Energetically it requires a lot, therefore, I do my best to make sure that I care for myself so I can continue to be present. The solution is often simple—a long walk in a park, a hot bath or infrared sauna, unscented candles and agarwood burning on smokeless charcoal is enough to ground and reset my energy. It doesn’t require a lot.”

—as told to ITG

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