About The First Art Fair

The First Art Fair is a sparkling event for contemporary art.
Is the only fair where both independent artists and galleries present themselves. At the fair you will find painting and sculpture, glass, photography and jewelry from hundreds of renowned and young artists, spread over the stands of circa 25 selected galleries and 75 artist from all over the Netherlands.

During the event we organize Artist Talks for art lovers who want to deepen their understanding of art.

The fair takes place in the Passenger Terminal Amsterdam, located on the banks of the IJ, where during the summer large cruise liners moor and where in winter cultural events take place.

The First Art Fair


In 2022, the First Art Fair festively opened by BIJ1. As the opening act, the portrait of chairman Sylvana Simons painted by Wim Heldens was revealed. His work was presented at the First Art Fair by Galerie Mooiman from Groningen. The portrait was shown for the first time at the fair. In the upcoming edition, it will also be opened in a festive way and there will be a toast to the fourth edition of this sparkling New Year’s events for contemporary art.

The First Art Fair

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