Simple Hack to Revive Chipped Manicure

 How often does it happen with you that your manicure starts chipping from tips. For me, it is quite common. Sometimes it is the top edges of the nail and other times, it lifts up around the cuticles. And I always look for ways to revive that manicure. It is easier this way than removing the entire thing off the nail and redoing them. Saves me time as well as the product. Also, it is pretty easy to get a whole new nail art look. If you are also facing this, I have this cute nail art idea for you, which you can try to save your manicure. 

Before we begin, recently I noticed that some websites started to copy content from my blog’s feed and post the entire content as theirs. The sad part is, they never give credits and sometimes google prioritizes them over my website. So, if you recognise my nails and content, please let me know. Also, I request you save my content on your Pinterest as well. It will help me establish authenticity.

First Look 

The shades I used are Rosalind C007 AND C011

You can buy these polishes here,

The stamping plate is PICT YOU Stainless Steel Nail Stamping Image Plate 12×6 Cm (J034)

You can use this look for cool colors which look nice with white stamping. Change colors as you go or want. Make sure to get contrast shade for top and base coat.

Second look

The base shade is: Girl Crush by Spekta

The dark shade is: Colorbar Salmon’s right

The stamping plate is PICT YOU Stainless Steel Nail Stamping Image Plate 12×6 Cm (J034)

This design is suitable for warm colors that look nice with black stamping polish.

Here are the tutorial for these two manicures!

I hope you enjoyed and loved this easy idea. Do let me know if you want more hacks.

Lots of Love!!!