Pandemic travel: Getting the most bang for your buck

(NewsNation Now) — Spring break can’t come soon enough for many just looking to get…

(NewsNation Now) — Spring break can’t come soon enough for many just looking to get away, but you might want to consider booking that trip sooner rather than later.

January findings in the Consumer Airfare Index Report showed that flight prices are expected to pick up steadily through June of this year and potentially reach pre-pandemic levels by April.

Waiting for a better deal until a little closer to March to book that trip may not work in your favor.

“We are seeing the trends only going higher from here,” Clint Henderson, senior editor at ”The Points Guy,” said during an appearance on “Morning in America”.

Now there’s good news and bad news, according to Henderson. The good news is that prices are really low right now. So actually, you can find a lot of good deals out there, especially if you’re willing to travel internationally.

The bad news, Henderson says, is other travel sites and analysts expect airfares to climb steadily over the next few months.

“About 7% per month and reaching pre-pandemic levels by the springtime,” he said.

According to Henderson, now is the time to book those trips.

“The omicron wave appears to be sort of peaking and moving on and that’s going to increase demand and fuel prices are going up,” he said. “So lock in those cheap fares now.”

Mexico is a destination many travelers are flocking to, Henderson says.

“It’s still hot,” he said. “We have all these new hotel openings going on in Mexico and demand has actually surpassed pre-pandemic levels.”

He said Florida is also a “super hot” travel destination.

“You’re seeing airlines add a ton of flights to Florida, and National Park destinations,” he said.

So Wyoming, Montana and places featuring a National Park attraction are also booming with visitors.

If you are looking for a beach destination, there are deals all over in the Caribbean, Henderson said.

The dollar is super strong right now, so there is a heightened focus on international travel.

But if you are traveling internationally, Henderson suggests having a backup plan.

“Pack a COVID at home test, he said. “So you can get tested overseas no matter what. God forbid you have to quarantine in a foreign country.”

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Pandemic travel: Getting the most bang for your buck