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Alcatraz Island Prison 1970's

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An Old Alcatraz Picture – Step Back In Time

As I was writing about our tour of Alcatraz Prison and posting our photos, I came across one of a favorite Old Alcatraz Prison Picture I had taken several years ago.

I took this photo back in the 1970’s, when some of the original buildings were still intact.

On our last tour, we were surprised to see the buildings now gone!

The lower buildings below the water tower were known as Building B & C. These are the buildings no longer on the Island today.

Check out my photo taken on my first visit to Alcatraz Island Prison.

My Old Alcatraz Picture Captured In The 1970’s

Alcatraz Prison Photo 1970's

On our superb self guided  Audio Tour Of Alcatraz Prison In San Francisco, I am still amazed by the feeling that sweeps over you when you step out onto the Island.

With the many improvements made for visitors, especially this full commentary audio tour, you literally begin to take a step back in time.

It has you experiencing what life must have been like, when the prison was in operation.

National Park Service Logo

Now a National Park and Heritage Site, they have done a wonderful job putting this audio tour together.

Hear commentary from former Guards and Inmates as they reminisce about life on Alcatraz.

With superior sound effects, you get a feeling of some of the major events that took place over the years at the Prison.

I have included a detailed map below of the Island, that I thought you would enjoy seeing. It gives you an idea of how big it actually is and what many of the structures were used for, when the prison was in full operation.

Inmates, guards and their wives and children, as well as the Warden, lived on Alcatraz Island. The only way on and off was by boat.

Detailed Map Of Uncle Sam’s Devil’s Island – Alcatraz Prison

alcatraz island map

As you can see by this map completed in 2003, the lower buildings are now gone.  Be sure to visit a fantastic website devoted to the history of Alcatraz.

The website details the infamous past of the 1930’s to the 1960’s, when the Prison was in operation. It is filled with pictures, articles and audio portions that should not be missed!

Read all about “The Rock” and Prison Life back in the dirty 30’s!

There’s a wonderful website I’ve discovered called Alcatraz History. It’s filled with facts, figures, stories and much more on the complete history of the prison.

I’ve included a link below to their Official Website for your convenience. Definitely worth checking out!

Alcatraz History

   Alcatraz History

Safe and Healthy Travels!

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