Netflix commemorated five years of local production releases in Brazil last November announcing a drive into production outside the country’s two traditional powerhouse bases of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Last week, Netflix Brazil revealed more productions set across the country’s vast terrain to bring compelling and fresh narratives to the platform.

“Ricos de Amor” relocates to Northern Brazil for a second season. Produced by São Paulo’s Prodigo Films, “Invisible City,” the first live action title from “Ice Age” creator Carlos Saldanha, has direction and production teams working out of Belém, Pará, in northern-most Brazil.

“This is a very special series, with diverse artists, with accents from all over Brazil,” said Lucy Alves of “Só Se For Por Amor,” in which she stars. “When we see something this big being done in the countryside we identify a lot… it’s immediate,” she added.

Netflix has also revealed new images from banner titles “Olhar Indiscreto,” produced by Mixer Films (“O Negócio”), and “Maldivas,” from Fernando Meirelles’ O2 Filmes (“City of God”).

Also on Netflix’s slate is its first action movie in Brazil, “Carga Máxima,” from Gullane Entertainment, another flagship Brazilian producer, plus a first image of “Casamento a Distância” and a behind-the-scenes photo of stars Henry Zaga and Giulia Be in “Depois do Universo.”

Here’s a breakdown of some key Netflix titles from one of its biggest international markets:

“Ricos de Amor 2”

*Expanding on the tale of spoilt playboy Teto (Danilo Mesquita) and new love, the humble Paula(Giovanna Lancellotti), the sequel to this romantic comedy takes our characters to Northern Brazil as Paula goes back to her job as a volunteer doctor while Teto is forced further out of his comfort zone.

“Racionais MC’s”

*In this documentary effort, 30 years of footage is pieced together to tell the story of Racionais MC’s, a groundbreaking hip-hop group that started a movement. Interviews and behind-the-scene clips of their first shows to current iterations relay this unflinching legacy from Brazil’s favelas.

“New Netflix Comedy Series” 

*Actress Mel Maia (“Sweet Diva”) and content creator Ademara team up to play two sisters who struggle to adapt to the delicate balance of social media vs. real life after they upload a video that goes viral.

“Invisible City” Season 2

*Created by Brazil’s Saldanha, whose credits also include the Oscar-nominated “Ferdinand,” this crime drama, set between two worlds, blurs the lines between reality and fiction as a detective investigates an odd occurrence in Rio. Luis Carone (“Joint Venture”) directs.


*In Netflix’s first local dramedy, from powerhouse O2 Filmes (“City of God”), Liz investigates her mother’s murder in a close-knit, luxury community in the Rio suburb of Barra da Tijuca. “Fred and Lucy” creator Natalia Klein writes. Diana Giannecchini (“3{44affb6c5789133b77de981cb308c1480316fee51f5fd5f1575b130f48379a33}”) and José Alvarenga (“Supermax”) directs.

“Olhar Indiscreto”

*The female gaze – as written and created by Marcela Citterio (“Se Dice Amor”), screenplay adapted by Camila Raffanti (“Rio Heroes”) – illuminates this psychological thriller focusing on voyeur and skilled hacker, Miranda, as she becomes increasingly obsessed with spying on the luxury escort, Cleo. Luciana Oliveira (“O Sétimo Guardião”) directs with help from Fabrizia Pinto (“Motel”) and Letícia Veiga.

“Só Se For Por Amor”

*Using the “sertanejo” genre of music to reveal the romance of Deusa and Tadeu, various singers and their dialects merge for a rich cultural exchange.

“Depois do Universo”

*Pianist Nina forges a strong bond with medical resident Gabriel as she works to overcome the daily challenges of living with Lupus.

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Depois do Universo
Courtesy of Netflix

“Casamento a Distância” 

*A modest and determined executive, Ava, and Alex, a dreamer who aspires to create video games plan to wed but the wedding day is stymied and the couple is forced to determine if this string of mishaps is stronger than their love.

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Casamiento a Distancia
Courtesy of Netflix

“Carga Maxima”

Roger (Thiago Martins) is a truck racing driver who gets involved with a gang of cargo thieves to keep his team, a decision that will prove difficult to fight his way out of. Produced by Gullane (“The Second Mother”), Tomas Portella (“Impuros”) directs.