Something about the changing of seasons always makes me want to give my closet a refresh… a full-blown dig-through, clean-out overhaul where I edit down the pieces I haven’t touched and know I probably won’t wear again.

And then I take note: What pieces/staples am I missing? What is worn down and could use replacing? What no longer brings me joy? What DOES bring me joy, and maybe comes in a couple more colors? (Lol, just me? Mom uniforms for the win.)

Ditto for other spaces in your home too, by the way. When the seasons shift, it’s a natural time for a reset and the perfect opportunity to reclaim your spaces: clean out the fridge/pantry/freezer, tackle the junk drawer, go through your car or purse or wallet, file those long-piled papers away. Choose 1 or 2 things a week and go through them, and I swear you’ll feel LIGHTER energetically, emotionally and even physically within a few weeks.

Our spaces have a deeper impact on us, our moods & energy than we often even realize.

While you guys know I’m not a huge shopper, I do take the opportunity a couple times a year in these natural, seasonal shifts to review what’s in my closet and replace or update staples, necessities and favorites. And IDK about you, but fashion these days is just… interesting?

I’ll be honest, I had to do QUITE a bit of combing through my favorite brands and sites for this time’s closet refresh to find things I truly loved. So I figured, if I’m spending all this time finding classic, high-quality and versatile pieces, I might as well share my findings with you! Ya know, in case you need them, too.

All jokes aside, if you’re looking for some fall style inspo and feeling like everything you see online is a little… out there, consider yourself in good company because I honestly feel the same.

But I’ve managed to find some simple, fun & interesting pieces that I absolutely LOVE for the upcoming seasons, and that I know will last for years to come. (And that may or may not already be in my cart… or on their way to my house already… ) So if there’s any Q’s this season about where something is from, it’s all in this post.

Check them out below and share links in the comments to any of your own recent fall favorites that you’re loving!

Fall Style Finds 2022:


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photo by Talitha Bullock // this post contains affiliate links