Ami Brannon, 50, of Lake Worth Beach.

It started as a small team seven years ago, meeting after work over take-out, and now Ami Brannon has helped build a company into 13 people with office space in West Palm Beach reaching customers across the globe. 

Brannon, 50, left her steady, secure job working as a nurse and the director of critical care at Delray Medical Center to pursue a new career with a local tech startup.

Fast forward seven years, lots of trial and error, several big wins, and a few hiccups: Brannon is now the chief revenue officer and co-founder of Neuvana, a local neuroscience company at the intersection of health, wellness and technology.

“I had years of experience in corporate hospital-based health care, and was inspired by the idea of creating something new that could make a major impact on people’s lives,” Brannon said.