Juxtapoz Magazine – The Mark Ryden x Barbie Collection (and Pop-Up “Pink Pop”) is Almost Here

Kasmin Gallery x Mattel Creations, 8382 Melrose, Los Angeles, // November 11, 2022 – December 11, 2022

Anticipated, perhaps even a little haunting, Mattel Creations is set to drop one of our favorite collaborations of the year: the Mark Ryden x Barbie Capsule Collection. See, now that you hear it, it makes sense doesn’t it? Ryden has long been a Pop Surrealism king, and his style lends itself to reimagining icons and pop-culture. His big-eyed woman fits aptly with the Barbie brand, and this capsule features a series of Barbie dolls and accessories designed by the Portland-based painter. 

In addition to the drop on November 18th, there will be a pop-up exhibition of Ryden’s artwork, Pink Pop, put on by Kasmin Gallery x Mattel Creations, in Los Angeles

From Mattel Creations: “Staying true to Ryden’s bespoke artwork frames and presentation style, the packaging for each doll is a work of art. Integrating the storytelling in the paintings, doll design, and graphics, the packaging details abound. These include embossed logos, metallic foils, and bold colors, which carry the graphics across the bottom of the boxes. Laser-precise blister packaging fits the shape of each doll (hello, custom hair), making the entire set worthy of any art collector and/or toy collector’s display. “