Juxtapoz Magazine – La Luz de Jesus Presents “Divine Alchemy”

La Luz de Jesus Gallery is pleased to present Divine Alchemy, a group exhibition featuring work by Sullivan Giles, Michele Melcher, Metra Mitchell, Jasmine Worth, and Rachel O’Donnell from November 5th-27th, 2022.

From the nothingness, an artist conjures. A collection of simple materials is alchemized into an impressive work of art using nothing but the applied energy of its maker. Through this visual magic, the viewer receives glimpses into other realities as rendered by the artist.

The history of art is deeply tied to spirituality in all its forms. One of the oldest and most famous surviving works of art, the Venus of Willendorf, which dates back to 24,000-22,000 B.C.E., is thought to represent and invoke the blessing of a fertility deity, making it both a spiritual tool and a sculptural work. The desire to interpret the invisible world continued in the West with prominent art movements like Symbolism, Abstraction, and Surrealism. Perhaps to the casual art appreciator’s surprise, museums have always been filled with works inspired by the occult. Pioneers of the Abstract art movement, Piet Mondrian and Wassily Kandinsky, were inspired by the mysterious teachings of Theosophy to visualize the spiritual structures that uphold our world artistically. Surrealist painter, Leonora Carrington, weaved esoteric symbolism, magical realism, and her fascination with alchemy into her paintings.

Contemporary art is always in conversation with the past and the future, mystically collapsing timelines. Whether you identify with the dimension-bending beliefs of these artists or not, the power of art is not to be underestimated. It generally outlives its creator and can achieve unmatched immortality. With this exhibition, we invite you to wade into the expansiveness of these artist-created worlds and to experience their prismatic visions for yourself.