Juxtapoz Magazine – Holding Time: New Works by Scott Albrecht @ Hashimoto Contemporary, SF

Hashimoto Contemporary is pleased to present Holding Time, a solo exhibition by Brooklyn-based artist Scott Albrecht. The exhibition will be Albrecht’s third solo presentation at Hashimoto Contemporary, where he will be exhibiting a new body of work including signature graphic relief paintings and sculpture.

Holding Time is a continued exploration and evolution of the artist’s work, through which he delves into themes of communication, language, connection, and time. Thoughtfully reflective and nuanced, Albrecht’s work underscores the personal relationships we hold with time, in spite of its intangibility. Serving as a guide encouraging introspection, the works reveal a sense of bittersweet hopefulness and acceptance. 

Hand-cut wood shapes undulate, merge and shift in color, creating a larger composition and carrying a literal message which is only revealed with time spent contemplating the piece.  The color palettes used in the artist’s work parallel the individual sentiments – lighter works carry feelings of nostalgia that may look softer or faded, whereas the works using darker tones hold more definition within their present context. Albrecht will also be exhibiting three new steel sculptural works. Where many of the other works in the exhibition speak to time through metaphor, the sculptures, Perception of Time 1 & 2, offer the most overt reference by reinterpreting the classic hourglass shape depicting the feelings of having too much and not enough time.

About the exhibition, the artist states, “The work created for Holding Time reflects on the varied and intimate relationships we share with time which is an inherently evolving, and personal aspect of our lives, shaping our individual experiences, and informing us daily. Time has been a point of universal reinterpretation these last couple of years as we’ve engaged with it through varying lenses and cultural milestones. The pieces individually express a gradual, or in some instances, an explicit shift in context or understanding where time is a suggested co-author. The titles of the works often imply a contrast between the past, and present/future, spotlighting themes of nostalgia, acceptance, and grounded optimism.”