Juxtapoz Magazine – Give the Gift of Creativity this Holiday Season with Tri-Art

As we try to keep warm in our studios this winter we’ve been loading up on all our favorite paints, brushes, and supplies. For paints we’ve been turning to the Canadian company Tri-Art has been specializing in producing rich, deep and highly pigmented color through a unique pigment grinding and dispersion processs. With this development, artists are able to utilize colour in their paint like no other. 


From Tri-Art:
As we source the finest pigments from around the globe, we have the artist in mind. We have listened to creatives and their endeavors to inspire ours. As we provide an endless spectrum of possibility, we hand an exclusive experience to the artist’s palette and we can’t wait to see what they create. So, this holiday season, when you’re making your list and checking it twice, we would love to make sure that everything’s nice.

For the acrylic painter, our professional-grade and finest quality line of High Viscosity paint is a perfect choice. With a thick and buttery texture and 109 vibrant colours to explore, we have what your artist is looking for. If the acrylic artist in your life already seems to have it all, try one of our specialty colours, like Liquid Mirror. Through a brilliant silver effect, this colour is highly reflective of light and produces an extraordinary shine. It is sure to lead creative intuition.

For the printer, our new acrylic printing line, Impression Ink, features a radiant assortment of colours that bring designs to life. Through careful formulation, Impression Ink can be used on its own. So, there is no need for any extra mediums; unless texture manipulation is desired. Our acrylic inks are ideal for block and screen printing, are easy to work with and hassle free. This way, your creative can focus on their work as we’ve focused on ours.

For the water colourist, our newly expanded colour line includes 98 watercolour paints that are produced with the highest of quality artist pigments. Available in tubes and our Tri-Art signature Super Pan, this professional quality line stands out on a pallet, making it a reliable favourite. This gift keeps on giving.

For all artists, our paint brushes are the perfect toolkit addition. Featuring long and short handles, natural and synthetic bristles and a wide range of shapes and sizes, there is sure to be an ideal brush for everyone. If you’re searching for something different, try a distinctive shape like a Deerfoot or a Grainer.