Forget the super structured and uncomfortable models, women now want to feel good with the piece

The days of tight clothes, which shape the body in an uncomfortable way, seem to be in the past. In the world of lingerie it is no different. During the last year, the need to find a comfortable and practical bra caught the attention of companies, which began to value this type of garment even more.

While there are movements like #FreeTheNipple, which encourage women all over the world to ditch the bra, it is not necessary to ban the use of the piece. In addition to supporting the breasts, lingerie prevents back pain and discomfort in the chest region. The way out for many, therefore, is the middle ground: wearing the bra, but prioritizing comfortable models for everyday life. Some specific points, such as cut, style and fabric, draw attention in the search for a most comfortable wireless bra for routine, focused on comfort and free of patterns.

The most comfortable style for each woman can vary depending on factors such as breast size, activities throughout the day and personal tastes. However, there are some noticeable patterns among the chosen pieces. Here are some points that deserve attention when choosing:

Seamless Bandeau Yoga Bra

  • Goodbye to the bulge

One of the main points of a lingerie focused on comfort is the purpose of offering support and well-being. Making the breasts more voluminous and symmetrical is not a priority. Therefore, the vast majority of bras of the type are made without cups, rims or any rigid structure, which tends to bother, tighten and prick throughout the day.

AirWear Comfort Revolution Sports Bra

  • Sports bras

Sporty styles are ideal for women who are working from home and need comfort, support and practicality. In this case, bras usually have cuts that offer greater support to the breasts, like the swimmer. In addition, wide, elastic straps and sides are highlighted, and the seamless pieces are a revolution sports bra, where perfection is combined for total comfort.

An advantage of this type of garment is that, in addition to daily use, it can be used for physical exercise. In this case, the fabric needs to be lighter and allow the skin to breathe and absorb sweat.

Seamless Ribbed One Shoulder Sporty Bra

  • Tops without clasps

Another important point is the practicality to put on and take off the bra. Pieces without clasps or with simple front clasps have advantages. In addition to not being uncomfortable, it is possible to quickly put the clothes on – either over the head, like a blouse, or closing in the front. Many swimmer-style bras, for example, adopt one of these solutions.

Details that enhance comfort

There are details in the bra that can provide more comfort when using the piece – one of the main ones is the fabric. It is important that the material is breathable, avoiding underarm stuffing, and soft to the touch.

A good tactic that manages to combine both options is seamless lingerie. The more seamless the piece is, the more it is suitable for everyday use. On hotter summer days, as it allows the absorption of sweat and the skin to breathe.

A detail that can be avoided is the presence of large tags, since, even when cut, they can sting and hurt the skin. Therefore, the consumer can look for models that have labels printed on the fabric itself, without relief.