In her Bollywood comeback, Esha Deol debuted as a producer for the short film, Ek Duaa, in which she also acted. Destiny smiled when she won the ‘Iconic Actor-Producer’ at the ‘6th Perfect Achiever Award 2021’ for the film.

To be soon seen in Rudra — The Edge of Darkness, a web series with Ajay Devgn, Esha believes that while the award she won as a producer is encouraging, she has a lot more to do in the line of acting and in the production front. The Dhoom girl speaks to us about the discipline, passion, and perseverance she puts into her daily life and work.

Q How does it feel bagging the ‘Iconic Actor-Producer’ award?


Getting an award is always encouraging, and especially for me as I am completely new to production. So, yes, this award feels amazing for this actor-turned-producer.

Q You excelled in Ek Duaa. Was it challenging to perform such a tragic role?

What I did in the film was immensely heart breaking, especially because I’m also a mother to 2 girls. And I felt strongly for Abida and what she went through in this intriguing story, struggling to amplify her voice and the rights of her daughter Duaa in a family that spurns the girl child. Yes, these roles are completely heart-driven and definitely drain you emotionally and mentally. But I’m not the kind who brings my work back home, so after pack-up, I step out of character.


Q Do you believe gender discrimination will ever end? What can women do to end it?

The only way we can eradicate such situations in our country is by educating the grassroots. I don’t mean going to school and physically teaching maths and science. I mean the importance of a mother imparting such basic teachings to her son. I believe the lesson of respecting women and looking up to other genders should start from one’s home, when children are very young. Mothers must teach their sons the value of a woman.

Q Your next, Rudra with Ajay Devgn, has huge expectations. Elaborate?


Yes, Rudra is my upcoming project and it’s a web series with Ajay, which is also his web-series debut. I cannot say much more about it now but once the promotions of Rudra start I may be able to elaborate or even talk about it. But my experience working with Ajay with director Rajesh Mapuskar and the rest of the team has been wonderful and enriching. Coming back after a long gap with a set up like this feels perfect, wonderful and comforting. I can’t wait for the audiences’ response to Rudra.

Q Any qualities of Ajay in real life you would like to share?


I’ve known Ajay for a long time, having done 7 films with him. Coming back opposite him was just perfect as we also share a certain comfort level as actors, added to which we’re also friends. He’s a wonderful human being and a family man. I have massive respect for him and love working with him.

Q How do you strike a work-life balance?

I think women, in general, are multitaskers, juggling multiple things at once and then ending up doing all of them well too. I lead a disciplined lifestyle, with a routine, which I think is very important. I schedule my shoots and time with my family. I also find it easier to work when I know when and where I am going/doing each day. You must have a proper calendar ready. I also believe patience is the key to all this. I am passionate about people in my life just as I am passionate about my work.


Q Does your mom support you?

Whether it’s my mother or my mother-in-law, I think grandparents are guardian angels that grandchildren enjoy, and I’ve much gratitude for these beautiful women in my life.