Huda Beauty Glow Coco Hydrating Mist

The Huda Beauty Glow Coco Hydrating Mist is a product you very rarely hear anyone talk about, but I decided to pick it up in one of the frequent sales on the Huda Beauty website.

When you order from the Huda Beauty website, the products are now shipped from the UK, so orders get delivered super quickly. Whereas before, orders were shipped from Dubai, and it used to a while for them to arrive. Plus, shipping is a lot more affordable now, as the items are shipped within the UK.

Huda Beauty Glow Coco Hydrating Mist

What Is The Huda Beauty Glow Coco Hydrating Mist?

Glow Coco Hydrating Mist delivers the amazing benefits of coconut milk and coconut water with a hint of coconut oil—all of which are known to soothe, soften, and balance the skin without feeling greasy or heavy. Use it before makeup to prime skin with hydration, after makeup to set your look, or throughout the day to keep skin refreshed.

Huda Beauty Glow Coco Hydrating Mist

The Huda Beauty Glow Coco Hydrating Mist is £30, and contains 100ml of product within a white plastic bottle, with a super fine dispenser, which never leaves you feeling drenched, like some setting sprays and facial mists have the tendency to do.

This facial mist is marketed as being a 3-in-1 product, where you can use it before applying your makeup to prime your skin, it can be used to ‘set’ your makeup, as well as working a skin refresh spray too.

Huda Beauty Glow Coco Hydrating Mist

Although it’s described as being a makeup setting spray, it doesn’t make any difference to the longevity of your makeup. It’s very much a skincare spray, rather than a makeup spray, and it has the most delicious, authentic coconut milk scent, which I simply cannot get enough of.

If you’ve tried the Pixi Milky Mist, the Huda Beauty Glow Coco Hydrating Mist is actually very similar. It has a soothing effect on the skin, and is a nice hydrating extra within my skincare routine.

If you have super dry skin (like myself), and you’re looking for a super hydrating facial mist, especially as we’re heading towards winter, the Dr Jart+ Ceramidin Cream Mist will be a better option. It smells amazing, and has a lovely softening effect on the skin.

You can find the Huda Beauty Glow Coco Hydrating Mist right here.

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