The French have a saying that goes “dolce far niente” which means the joy of doing nothing. Every human being is fascinated by the concept of leisure. While some perceive leisure as entertainment, for others leisure is defined as the state of not working. Most men get time off their schedules to go out during weekends or stay at home. But, a woman works full-time around the clock. Women do everything. They parallel run millions of responsibilities stacked on top of each other every day.

Sharjah Ladies Club wants to change this. They provide women the chance to get a real break where they can get away from their hectic, mundane environment, let their hair down, and indulge in some much-needed activities. Wondering why you need some me-time for yourself. Let’s dive deeper to find out!

Better emotional well being

When it is about staying healthy, a lot of people talk about exercise, diet, and sleep. However, enough me-time is also a part of healthy conversation. Emotional well-being is closely related to physical well-being. When you take time to unwind, restore and reenergize, your physical health is also improved. While chronic stress increases the risk of a wide range of physiological health atrocities like cardiovascular disease, heart disease, anxiety, depression, and digestive disorders, taking time to re-invent yourself can do wonders with your emotional as well as physical well-being.

A commitment to yourself

While most women are committed to their families, work, friends, and communities they live in, they often neglect themselves in the long run which leads them to feel resentful, overwhelmed, and stressful. However, when you spend time with yourself or indulge in some healthy activities, you can untangle the stress budding inside your body and feel at ease.

How often should you get away in search of leisure?

The answer is you can seek leisure whenever you want. If you don’t want to feel cramped between the household responsibilities and your work or your family and chores, you need a getaway to re-energize for what you yet have to face. For women challenges are like a part and parcel of their lives and if men can do it, why can’t you? Just take out some me-time for yourself to prevent burnout and immerse yourself in the joy of self-care.

You Deserve a Getaway

Even when a woman settles down to watch her favourite show, she has to keep an eye on the kid and do something useful like cutting vegetables, shelling peas, or working on a report due by the EOD. Undoubtedly every lady has tried to be a superwoman at one point in their life or the other, but they do need an ephemeral moment of tranquillity where they can watch the raindrops hit the windowpane, take a jog down the scenic routes or experience luxury beauty treatments that wash away the stress off their knots.Sharjah Ladies Run (SLR) is a moment of empowerment for those who want to break the vicious loop of their monotonous life and do something exciting and rejuvenating. Need more information? Register now or reach out to the team of Sharjah Ladies Club for more info about SLR 2023.