When Kentucky passed its historic shared parenting law in 2018, child support reform became an even greater need.  And thanks to another bipartisan victory in the 2021 legislative session with House Bill 404, changes are coming to the child support system on March 1. Further, the National Parents Organization just rated every state’s child support laws and due to Kentucky’s reforms we received an A-minus. 

One of the biggest reforms is the removal of the 1.5 multiplier also known as the “shared parenting penalty multiplier.” Before, child support in shared parenting situations was calculated by combining both parents’ obligations. Then, the combined amount was multiplied by a random number of 1.5 before the smaller parent’s obligation was subtracted from the larger parent’s obligation. The multiplier never made any economic sense and artificially inflated the money parents had to negotiate about. Artificially inflated amounts of money, of course, inflated conflict between parents.