The Florida Department of Health rejected a complaint alleging that Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo violated state medical laws by publicly casting doubts about the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines and promoting unproven treatments against the disease.

“We have determined from our review that we can take no further action because the healthcare provider has not violated any laws or rules regulating this profession,” Investigation Manager Anthony Jusevitch told Dr. Howard Goldman in a letter dated Nov. 22. 

Goldman, a Delray Beach eye doctor, filed a complaint Oct. 29 claiming that Ladapo, also head of the Department of Health, made public pronouncements about COVID-19 that he knew to be false.

“What he did may not be a violation of specific laws, but in my opinion (it) is a violation of medical ethics,” he said. “My point was not that he broke any laws, only that he was spreading medical misinformation based on current medical/scientific knowledge and requested that he be censured for this, not arrested.”