Femme is one of several famous Pablo Picasso portraits of women, with Femme of course meaning woman in other languages. Picasso like so many other artists found women to offer something different to an artist and he frequently portrayed them in many different styles throughout his career. Femme included is just one example of this and perhaps the best known currently. Picasso himself was an artist who stretched himself as far as his considerable skills would go and constantly approached women for his art in different ways be in with the art mediums that he used or the art movements that they would fit into.

Picasso is best remembered as a Cubist painter but many other styles can be found within his career as well as the pencil sketches, sculptures and prints that he produced. Even today new works like Femme appear all the time and after careful study many are still attributed as Pablo Picasso originals. Besides Femme, other key paintings and sketches by Pablo Picasso included Rooster, Penguin, Cat, Dog and various untitled works. The popularity of Picasso continues to grow even after his death and frequent reproductions of his originals are now produced for his fans as framed art prints, large wall posters, murals and stretched canvases. Tapestries tend to be more common for those interested in more traditional artists such as from the Italian Renaissance, European Baroque or Dutch Golden Age periods.

Conclusively, Femme was a frequent subject for Picasso and served as inspiration to an artist who found plenty of interest in women and felt them important within much of his art that was produced over several generations spread across the 20th century. Those interested in portraits of women by Picasso can find large numbers of paintings worth checking out, and should start with Femme.