Everything you need to know as a customer of Spectrum TV network

Spectrum TV select is part of the Charter Communications network. Charter Communication has been offering…

Spectrum TV select is part of the Charter Communications network. Charter Communication has been offering internet connection, phones and TV services to over millions of customers across the nation of the US.

If you have a tight household budget, you should go for Spectrum TV network. Spectrum TV network has three different plans for its customers: Spectrum TV Select, Spectrum TV Silver and Spectrum TV Gold. Spectrum TV Select, despite being the lowest in the three TV plans, offers a massive numberr of channels to its users.

Let’s look at why Spectrum TV select should be your TV plan of choice if you have a tight budget

  • The starting price of Spectrum TV select is pretty nominal. You only have to spend $44.99 per month for a period of initial 12 months.
  • Chances are that in the second year, the prices may increase. If you do not wish to have increased rates, you can always call up the customer service of Spectrum and discuss the available promotional offers with them. The promotional offers should help bring down the rate of Spectrum TV select.
  • The subscription method is very simple and easy.
  • Awesome video quality
  • You are free to remove or add any channel to your network depending on your needs, preferences as well as choices.
  • The customer service of Spectrum is simply amazing
  • They have free HD availability
  • Spectrum offers their customers free access to the Spectrum TV app.
  • They have DVR services available which allows you to record your favorite show and watch them later.
  • Hundreds of on-demand titles are available with Spectrum network.
  • The installation of the cable network is absolutely hassle-free
  • The customer service of Spectrum is available 24/7 for their clients.
  • There are no hidden contacts or risks included.
  • A few amazing channels offered by Spectrum TV network are History Channel, TLC, ESPN, Cartoon Network, MTV et cetera

Why should you choose Spectrum TV select?

Whether you are involved in work from home or you are travelling to your office regularly, after spending a long day at work, when you come home you just want to relax and unwind. The moment the word relaxation comes to your mind, the word TV automatically appears. If you have decided to opt for Spectrum TV Select network, you will get your favorite TV shows at your time of relaxation. This will help you destress after a long hard day. Whether you are a person who is more inclined to words, movies or documentaries et cetera, Spectrum TV has you covered. With over 125 channels available in the Spectrum TV select network, they offer channels pertaining to documentaries, entertainment, history, news, kids shows et cetera.

Let’s have a look at all the channels available in case of Spectrum network

You can check out the Spectrum TV select channel list. Here you will find all the TV channels that are provided by Spectrum in their direct TV packages. In case you are a new member of the Spectrum TV network family, this is the first thing that you should check out. Go to the channel lineup and decide if you wish to go for the direct TV service or if you wish to add a few extra channels depending on your preferences and needs.

How to find out which channels are part of the Spectrum TV subscription?

If you are looking to find out which as a part of your subscription, login to your account in the Spectrum TV network.

  • Choose the tab labelled services.
  • Choose the sub tab labelled TV.
  • Choose the tab which is labelled as a new channel lineup. This will be available on the menu present on the right side of your screen.
  • Once you are in the new channel line of section, you can check out your favourite channel and add it to your network. To find out your favourite channel, you can either use the network name filter or the category filter. You also have the option of finding out the channel either numerically or alphabetically.

If you feel that Spectrum is missing a few crucial channels, it may be due to the following reasons. Spectrum network is responsible for the addition as well as removal of the channels depending on the subscribers demand, the availability of the channels, the purchase price is behind the channels and finally the rating of those individual channels.

If the channel has been labelled as an out of market channel, the station of the channel has been located outside the current market which is accessible to the Spectrum network. Therefore, the channel is no longer accessible to Spectrum and this cannot be featured on Spectrum TV network.

Spectrum also offers internet services along with TV plans so that you can have all the necessary amenities in one single package.