Bhumi Pednekar has made a mark for herself in her rather short career span of six years. With a bunch of memorable performances in her kitty, she is adored by the masses and is, undoubtedly, a star to watch out for. But not just that, she has also created an impact with her dedication towards fitness, beauty, climate change and very recently, her Covid relief work during the second wave.

Bhumi, who believes that “beauty is empowering”, recently, collaborated with, a multi-beauty tech platform, as its first brand ambassador and beauty collaborator to celebrate the grace of the female body and spirit of empowered womanhood. In an exclusive conversation with, she talks about everything beauty, fitness, style, mental health, self-love and her message to young girls.


What is your idea of beauty?

Beauty is empowering. There are so many sides to us. A woman is a mother, sister, friend, partner and so much. There are so many different hats that a woman wears in a day. Beauty is exactly that. It supports your mood. It shows the true person that you are. It is fun. It is supposed to show your different characteristics. Beauty is not supposed to aid you in hiding your flaws. Everybody is flawless. You are made a certain way and that’s beautiful. Most importantly, beauty is about self-acceptance and celebrating who you are.

Your style is a mix of everything, from ethnic to contemporary. How would you describe it?

There are so many aspects to the way I am on a daily basis. There are some days I feel like wearing Indian while on other days, I would feel like opting for a boho look. It totally depends on my mood and which part of my personality I want to tap into. I don’t have a fixed way of being. Some days, I feel cute while on other days, I feel fierce. So I dress according to that. I do enjoy getting dressed, thinking about it and tapping my feelings.

Your fitness transformation has inspired many fans. How important is fitness to you?

I think fitness is as important as eating or doing any other normal activity for me. Personally, it gives me a lot of mental clarity. It is not just a workout for my body but also my brain. For me, beauty, getting ready and working out fall in the same spectrum because that’s my ‘me time’. That’s the time you spend loving yourself, saying positive affirmations and taking good holistic care of yourself. It is very important to be fit–mentally and physically, internally and externally. You have to find a routine that works for you.

How has your lockdown experience been?

My lockdown was rather busy. In the first lockdown, we all were hit the same way. We were at home with our families — worried and confused. I did baking, painting and everything possible. But, I started working quite early. I spent a lot of time putting out beauty videos. Those got a lot of love. I was quite excited about them. In the second lockdown, Covid-relief work kept me busy. I didn’t know how time passed by. It was very heartbreaking.

Can you tell us about your Covid relief work?

Our community was in a crisis and I felt I should lend my support in whatever way possible. It started with me sharing one request and then went on to a lot more than I had expected. It was very overwhelming. But honestly, it feels like such a distant memory even though it happened a few months back. It is a very painful memory. That’s how we humans are. We adapt, self-heal and then move on.

Mental health conversations have finally seeped into mainstream discussions. What’s your take on it?

I think it’s high time. I feel that people especially certain generations don’t understand that mental health is a genuine concern. If you are somebody who is suffering from any kind of mental health concern or illness, it needs to be spoken about. It should not be taboo. It needs to be diagnosed like any other disease. Thank god the conversation has come to the forefront because it’s very required as there are many people suffering. Therefore, we need to create a safe environment for them to come out.

Your message for young girls…

Every healthy relationship starts with loving yourself. First, get into a beautiful relationship with yourself. It’s very important to live a holistic way of life. You need to find your method and your way. Everybody figures their personal unique way of living. Most importantly, there will be many times when many people will say no to you. But, don’t listen to them. Find that fierce goddess within you and go achieve whatever you want to; because that’s exactly what I did.

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