Discus Aquarium Fish – 6 Uncomplicated Ideas For Acquiring a Healthier Discus Fish

If you are pondering about setting up to retain discus aquarium fish, it is critical that you know how to discover and pick out healthful fish for your tank. Picking out the completely wrong fish, from the improper particular person can be quite annoying to your hobby, since you will be confronted with managing illnesses ahead of your tank at any time will get completely founded. Consequently, you really should find out a good aquarium store, or improved nevertheless, an knowledgeable discus breeder.

In this article are some simple guidelines for selecting a discus aquarium fish when your are completely ready to purchase:

  1. Get your time and examine the discus fish for at least 15 minutes in the aquarium. Check out them swim and look for any erratic conduct that does not look normal. Ordinarily this means listless and sideways swimming.
  2. Take note the dimensions of the fishes readily available an 8 week outdated discus really should be about 4 cm (1 1/2in) long a a person calendar year previous discus fish is about 16 cm (6 in.) extended from head to tail.
  3. Nutritious discus fish should really have a circular entire body (for this reason the title). Extended drawn out fish can be diseased or may well be inbred. Other items to look for are fins that are too long in proportion to the physique and extremely big eyes. Also note that, aged discus fish have a tendency to loose their round form, so that can be yet another clue as to their age.
  4. Discus aquarium fish that have been sick for a whilst build a quite pointy and sharp again. They also have sunken eyes and a shallow color.
  5. You should not invest in fish that are shy, timid, or that display screen aggression or other antisocial with it really is tank mates.
  6. Question the store if they can feed the fish. A healthy fish really should have a fantastic hunger.

There you have it six uncomplicated suggestions for choosing the very best discus aquarium fish for your tank. Buying great stock from the beginning will ensure prolonged time period good results with your hobby. I hope these ideas assistance you to come across healthier and satisfied discus fish.