Take note, aspiring Detroit musicians. Grammy-winning producer Che Pope is on the lookout for the next Eminem or Big Sean. 

Pope, a longtime friend of billionaire entrepreneur Dan Gilbert, on Wednesday launched WRKSHP, a music-based lifestyle company headquartered in downtown Detroit. The company will work with aspiring musicians and other artists on talent development, management, marketing and more.

“It’s much more than a record label,” said Pope.

Pope, who has worked with everyone from Kanye West and Lauryn Hill to Eminem and The Weeknd, said it was Gilbert who really talked to him about setting up shop in Detroit. A Boston native, Pope has visited the city several times over the last five years and has been amazed at its progress over the last 15 years. He was really drawn to Detroit and the “story” it would provide aspiring artists.

Che Pope, center, an award-winning music producer and songwriter, checks out records with Kanye West, right. Pope is the former chief operating officer of Kanye West's GOOD Music record label.

“Everything we do — whether it’s a song, or building an artist, or putting out content — it’s always still about the story of it, right?” said Pope. “The story of WRKSHP is so much better a story coming from Detroit than it is being in L.A. or one of the places that’s already sort of established because Detroit was the mecca.”