CAPE CORAL, Fla. – It’s a trend among women that has become quite the buzz. “Cycle Syncing” has to do with tweaking your lifestyle to mesh with your menstrual cycle.

Nicole Kerr is a fitness buff and the owner of Vitaride Cycle Studio in the Cape.

“So, typically when I workout I do some sort of program like a HIIT program at a gym,” Kerr explained. “And then of course I teach spin, too, a couple of times a week at my own studio here.”

But sometimes her own cycle makes her not want to participate in physical cycling.

“On these days that I start to feel that cycle happening or two weeks before my cycle, okay, I’m very aware of my body. I’m aware that I’m getting more tired,” said Kerr.

So on those days, she makes adjustments. “When it’s really hitting me hard is when I do yoga or like I said, stretch,” Kerr said.

“Most women are too busy taking care of other people’s bodies besides their own,” said Dr. Heather Auld, who practices gynecology and integrative medicine.

Auld, along with her partner, Teresa Spano, a naturopathic consultant, emphasizes that women pay attention to what their bodies are telling them.

“The biggest thing is really knowing how to listen to your body and knowing where you are in your cycle,” Spano said.

And there are some easy ways to do that. Fitness trackers are a great tool for helping you keep track of where you are in your menstrual cycle.

Also, Spano says there are questions you can jot down the answers to each morning:

  • “How is your energy?”
  • “Did you sleep okay last night?”
  • “Do you feel more anxious?”
  • “Are you bloated?”
  • “Are your bowels different?”

“Just little things like that can really go a long way,” Spano said.

Also, eating particular foods based on that time of the month.

“Your berries are a very good detoxifier and very good antioxidants and that goes a long way in giving your body support and energy,” Dr. Auld said.

Spano says there is something called a “seed diet” to support your hormones throughout the month, which some women swear by.

“So the first half of your cycle you’re using more of pumpkin seeds as well as flax seeds. Whereas the second half, sunflower and sesame,” explained Spano.

Bottom line: Syncing to your cycle and making little changes in your lifestyle can make a big difference. Period.

“You really can help yourself out by making those small changes especially that time of the month,” Kerr said.

“Women are taking control of their lives and their bodies in a way that they never had in the past so it’s a really good trend,” added Dr. Auld.