Arequipa Pottery was an early twentieth century Arts and Crafts pottery company whose pottery is at the moment valued at something from a several hundred pounds to many thousand bucks. It was centered out of a sanatorium for girls suffering from the early phases of tuberculosis. The sanatorium utilized pottery as a therapeutic handicraft which could also deliver profits and combat idleness as the women of all ages struggled to get better from their health issues.

The manufacturing of Arequipa pottery was overseen by several properly-acknowledged ceramic artists, including Frederick Hurten Rhead, Albert Solon and Fred Wilde. Every of these adult men introduced their have features of design to the woman artisans. The most long lasting of these variations was slip-trailing decorations from Rhead, which typically took the kind of stylized ivy leaves and vines.

Most of the pieces had been marked when they had been concluded, commonly with a variation of a graphic involving a tree and/or a vase, and the words and phrases “Arequipa California.” Below are some of the versions you can obtain of that marking model:


The simplest Arequipa Pottery marking is the initials A and P. These are usually crossed, with the curve of the P adjoined to the crossbar of the A.

Circular Mark

A extra sophisticated marking is the round mark. This features two circles, a single inside of the other, which produce a ring-like shape. In the outer ring the text “Arequipa” and “California” are highlighted. The inner circle features a graphic of a tree and a pottery vase in grass.

This mark has a variation that can be uncovered with no the circles remaining drawn. This marking design and style opts for dots to individual the text, which are nonetheless written in a ring-like condition.

Paper Label

Paper labels from Arequipa Pottery nonetheless exist on some parts. These labels demonstrate a specific tree around a embellished pottery vase and are bisected with a diagonal banner which announces “Arequipa California.” These labels are uncommon to obtain since of their fragile character, but they do not incorporate any value to the piece.

3 Vases

This marking displays three vases with handles in a single row. Over the vases is the phrase “Arequipa,” and below is “California.”

No Marking

A number of known parts exist with out any noticeable marking existing. These items are far more hard to authenticate.

If you believe you might have an Arequipa Pottery piece, it could be worth upwards of $1,000. Seek out out a professional appraisement from an appraiser that specializes in ceramics and pottery.