6 Days Outdoor Adventure Travel Itinerary in Colombia

Looking to spend a few days in Colombia? Six days is more than enough to plan an adventure, and there’s plenty to see in this beautiful country. 

We’ve created a 6-day travel itinerary that hits all of the marks – Medellin, Bogata, and Cartagena. These are some of the most popular Colombian travel destinations, and for a good reason. Read on for more. 

Day 1: Visiting the Bogota Neighborhoods

Start your Colombian adventure by visiting one of the many incredible neighborhoods in Bogota. Most travelers agree that La Candelaria is one of the best places to start – it’s central, modern, and packed with fun things to do. 

there are plenty of colourful sights to visit in colombia

In La Candelaria, you’ll find plenty of amazing food and even better coffee. Be sure to have cash on you to pay for street food, tips, taxis, and souvenirs. 200,000 COP, which is around US$60, should be more than enough. And remember to complete your immigration registration for Colombia

The greatest attraction of La Candelaria is its architecture. Walking along the cobbled roads, you’ll see plenty of colorful buildings punctuated by Spanish Colonial architecture.

Enjoy Delicious Food

Colombia is known for having incredible cuisine, and even Bogota locals rave about the city’s food. Keep an eye out for cafes and food carts selling tamales, arepas, and empanadas for you to fill up on. 

Bogota is quickly becoming a popular destination amongst foodies, so you’ll be spoiled for choice when you want to grab a bite. 

Day 2: Experience Bogota’s Culture

Bogota is known for its incredible nightlife, museums, and coffee. 

Perhaps the best way to get a taste of Colombia’s culture is to visit the Gold Museum, the Museo del Oro. This incredible location is home to a collection of more than 30,000 golden artifacts – the world’s largest collection of pre-Colombian relics. 

The museum is not only beautiful, but it’s informative and pretty easy to navigate. Better yet, it’s free on Sundays! 

Don’t Forget the Markets

Speaking of culture, we recommend visiting as many of Bogota’s markets as possible. The city’s main food market, Plaza de Mercado de Paloquemao, is packed with vendors daily. 

You’ll be able to buy everything from flowers and local cheese to fresh fruit and vegetables and much more. It’s well worth visiting. If you’re looking for hot meals ready to eat, you can expect to find unique tasting experiences like cow-hoof soup or breakfast empanadas filled with shredded pork, cheese, beans, and rice. 

Day 3: See More of the Country

There’s no denying that Bogota is stunning, but to get a full taste of Colombia’s charms, you should leave the city. Luckily, there’s plenty to do outside of Bogota too. 

Encounter Wildlife

Just outside of Bogota is the Chicaque Natural Park, which is a dream destination for nature lovers. If you’re lucky, you might spot a sloth hanging from branches, a spectacled bear, or even the majestic Andean condor!

The park does have an entrance fee, but if you’re traveling with a large group, you can get a decent discount. You won’t need a guide unless you’re traveling with at least 20 people – just stick to the beaten paths, and you’ll be perfectly safe. 

Visit a Coffee Plantation

Colombia is known for its coffee, so why not visit one of the plantations where the magic happens? Visiting one of the many coffee growing farms near Bogota will give you an inside scoop into how the process works. 

visit the coffee plantation and learn where your fresh beans come from

Day 4: More Culture at Medellin!

Medellin, also called The City of Eternal Spring, is Colombia’s hub for culture and art. 

It differs from Bogota as it’s a more cohesive city, though. El Poblado is a popular neighborhood for most travelers and offers excellent accommodation options like guest houses, motels, Airbnb and more. 

Feast on Bandeja Paisa

When you’re hungry for good food, Medellin has you covered. It’s known for producing some excellent Bandeja Paisa, a Colombian dish that includes chorizo sausage, pork, and a fried egg. It’s more than filling and tastes incredible. 

After you’ve eaten your fill, check out Botero Plaza in central Medellin. There you’ll find 23 sculptures by renowned Colombian artist Fernando Botero

Day 5: Explore the Medellin City

If Bogota didn’t satisfy your craving for market shopping, then Medellin has plenty more to offer. 

El Hueco is a shopper’s paradise, and you’ll find everything from delicious food and great clothes to home decor and power tools like drills and saws. When dinner time rolls around, you can visit one of Medellin’s excellent highly rated restaurants. 

A popular eatery is Carmen, which won the Wine Spectator Award in 2017.

Take the Metro

If you need a way to get around town, then Medellin’s metro is the way to go. It’s expansive, convenient, and, most importantly, clean. 

The metro operates throughout the day, and can take you to many of Medellin’s best destinations in just a few minutes. 

Day 6: End Your Adventure the Relaxing Way with Cartagena’s Beaches

What better way to round out your Colombian adventure than to visit one of the country’s stunning beaches? 

While Cartagena is certainly a historical, dynamic city worth visiting, it also makes for a fantastic place to relax. Visiting one of the nearby islands is the perfect way to wind down after a week of exploration. 

its tough to find a more scenic relaxation spot by the waves than the rosaria islands

The Rosario Islands off the coast of Cartagena are a popular getaway destination. They offer some of the most scenic views you’ll ever experience, with white beaches, cyan waters, and plenty of spots for tanning. 

You’ll also be spoiled for choice when it comes to accommodation – plenty of resorts and inns nearby offer good food and drinks and fair-priced rooms.

Enjoy Tropical Foods

Cartagena hosts an abundance of vendors and cafes, so you’ll easily be able to find tasty treats wherever you go. 

If you’re in the mood for some finger food, be sure to try Cartagena’s famous fritanga. It’s a platter of fried potato, chicharron, chorizo, and plantain. 

We also suggest getting your hands on some fresh pandebono. It’s a popular cheese bread that makes for a crunchy snack. Best enjoyed fresh! 


Colombia is an underrated travel destination that has so much to offer. Even for adrenaline junkies, a town like San Gil has plenty to offer.

Whether you’re looking to immerse yourself in the culture, sample some amazing food, visit historical sites, or explore nature, this country has it all. So if you’re planning a trip, let us help you compose your next adventure.