30 Before 30 List of Adventures

My 30 Before 30 List is basically a list of things I want to accomplish before I … dun dun dunnn… turn 30. I challenged myself to complete this list in a year. But it ended up taking three. Meanwhile, I’ve knocked some pretty big things off my bucket list this year – but starting this blog is by far the greatest. Check out the full list below to get inspired – and follow my blog for all the juicy details!

Here’s the top 30 before 30 list of adventures!


I just turned 31 in May, and I can already feel my youth being sapped from my body daily. My 20’s are drifting further from view as I grow “more mature”, completing my first year into my 30’s. Looking back on my 20’s – it was a great decade. I had so many incredible adventures for someone who had never left U.S. soil until 26.  Someone had some major catching up to do! I managed to complete some big bucket list adventures in 4 years. I hope my list inspires you to say yes to more adventures, no matter your age.

30 Before 30 List
1. Kentucky Derby

1. The Kentucky Derby

Every spring the first Saturday in May, the US State of Kentucky hosts its annual horse race at Churchill Downs. My girlfriend Mary and I got ourselves some fancy derby hats from Etsy and road-tripped down to Louisville for the weekend. We spent more time in a car than on the tracks. But that Saturday betting on horses, drinking mint juleps, and ruining our fancy derby hats was absolutely worth it. To be fair, the hats stood no chance in the random torrential downpour of rain that struck mid-afternoon

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2. Eat Around the World at Epcot

2. Eat Your Way Around the World at Epcot

Epcot is a theme park in the US state of Florida at Walt Disney World featuring exciting attractions, international cuisine, and in true Disney fashion- award-winning fireworks. The park is divided into Future World and World Showcase. Here, eating and drinking are encouraged, life is celebrated and countries are united. The World Showcase is made up of 11 countries each brought to life by the food, drink, and attractions that are unique to that country. Try food and drink from each country as you make your way around the utopian world of Disney.

30 Before 30 List of Adventures
Girls Weekend in Nola

3. Girl’s Weekend in Nola

New Orleans (Nola, Big Easy) is known for its famous nightlife and vibrant music scene. The Louisiana city took a hard hit back in 2005 when hurricane Katrina flooded 80{44affb6c5789133b77de981cb308c1480316fee51f5fd5f1575b130f48379a33} of the city, but she’s resilient. I traveled to the historic city for the first time- 10 years after our country’s worst natural disaster, and the city had still not fully recovered. The city’s soul lives within its people, the music, and the food. Bourbon street can get famously rowdy with tourists, if you’re looking for a more locals feel- head to Freeman street instead.

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4. Jump Out of a Plane

If you really want to get your adrenaline racing, jumping out of a plane will do it. I’m glad I did this before I turned 30 because MAN. As I get older I become more of a chicken, and I look back at some of the things I did in my 20s… I’m like, eeeeee

5. Get a bachelor’s DEGREE

Getting an education is a privilege that not everyone around the world is afforded. Women in a lot of countries are denied access to education simply because they are women. There are young children living under authoritarians without the freedom to learn something most of us consider a basic human right- the act of play. If you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to get an education, pursue one. Appreciate that you live in a country where you are free to pursue any degree that you want. Accept that blessing, and see what doors it opens for you.

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6. Live by yourself

I didn’t go away to college like most of my peers, instead, I commuted to university while living with my parents and working full time. After putting myself through college I moved out of my parent’s home into an apartment by myself. I’d never felt such freedom, as I did when living by myself. Everything was MINE, and in the places that I wanted them to be. Growing up the oldest of four children, I never had my own space and my siblings were always stealing my stuff. There is something so liberating about living on your own, and discovering who you are as an individual.

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7. Visit an art museum

Contemporary art museums are my personal favorite, but I appreciate all types of art. I especially love visiting art galleries in different cities or countries because they are home to local artists work. Growing up and living in a certain location – the art gives off a vibe of the area it was created giving you a deeper understanding of the culture.

Art comes in many forms, from light displays to oil paintings, and blown glass – the media and materials used to create can be limitless.

8. Explore a neighboring state

If you’re looking for a new adventure, why not explore a neighboring state? There’s so much to see and do, and you might be surprised at how different it is from your own state. Whether you’re hiking through the mountains, visiting historic landmarks, or sampling the local cuisine, you’re sure to have a memorable experience.

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Go Camping with no electricity before 30

9. Go camping with no Electricity

I loved my rustic camping life in my 20s! Rustic camping is something I highly suggest you do before 30 because YOUR BACK STARTS TO HURT. YES. IT’S TRUE. I remember camping in the North Cascades National Park with my friend Grace, we got a cozy fire going, and we were surrounded by beautiful nature. We’re feeling so lucky to be able to experience this amazing way of life!

30 Before 30 List
Salt Flats Bolivia

10. Salt Flats Bolivia

During the wet season (January – April) in Bolivia, a shallow layer of rainwater creates a mirror-like surface as smooth as glass. In the dry season (May – December), you’ll see geometric salt patterns imprinted into the earth, stretching beyond the horizon. Honestly, this place looks like a whole other planet. Visitors can take a day trip or a multi-day tour, with additional tours venturing further into the remote landscapes to see otherworldly wonders.

30 Before 30 List
Death Road, Bolivia

11. Death Road

Have you ever heard of “The Death Road”? Aka the most dangerous road in the world? aka North Yungas road. The harrowing stretch of road in Bolivia has many names but is still undeniably dangerous. But people still find the courage and are determined to mountain bike down its winding dirt road. If you’re looking for the ultimate adventure in your 20s this is definitely up your alley!

30 Before 30 List
Drink wine in Napa before 30

12. Wine Tasting

Besties don’t let besties drink wine alone. Wine tasting with your friends is the perfect way to spend an afternoon. Whether you’re trying new wines or old favorites, you’re sure to have a blast. Growing up in Michigan, I’m familiar with wines made in the Traverse City region. I’ve been to tons of breweries, wineries, and cideries all along the Leelanau Peninsula and the wine trail.

Traveling has given me the opportunity to try wines from all over the world. In 2016 my sister Bridget and I took a trip to San Francisco to meet up with our friend Jenny. It was our first time in the city so we explored as much as we could in the few days that we had because then we were headed to Napa Valley. We visited wineries like Cakebread Cellars, Hall Wines, and Domaine Carneros Winery. The year before I was in California I was tasting wine in Chile at Viña Indómita, and Emiliana Organic Vineyards.

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Go White water Rafting Before You're 30

13. Go white water rafting

We had an amazing time white water rafting in Jasper National Park! The water was so beautiful and the scenery was breathtaking. We laughed as we were splashed, we screamed when we almost torpedoed, we paddled, and we had an incredible time.

30 Before 30 Bucket List

30 before 30 bucket list

Go Rock Climbing Before 30

14. Go rock climbing

I absolutely love rock climbing! It’s such a great workout and so much fun. I feel so alive when I’m up on the wall, reaching for the next hold. There’s nothing quite like it. My first time was in Alberta Canada in Jasper National Park. At home, we have a climbing wall park that I go to.

Chase Waterfalls in Iceland before 30

15. Chase Waterfalls in Iceland

The waterfalls in Iceland are some of the most beautiful in the world. The scenery is amazing and the water is so clear. I loved spending time here and exploring all the different falls. My favorite was the “blue waterfall” or Brúarfoss.

Hike Rainbow Mountain 30 Before 30

16. Hike a Rainbow Mountain

The magical rainbow mountains are located just outside of Cusco, Peru high up in the Andes mountains. The peak of the rainbow mountains has an altitude of (17,060 ft / 5,200 m). Rainbow Mountains’ official name is Vinicunca, Winikunka, or Montana de Siete Colores by Peruvians.

If you’re asking yourself “is it worth going to Peru’s rainbow mountains?” the answer is 100{44affb6c5789133b77de981cb308c1480316fee51f5fd5f1575b130f48379a33} YES. When Pinterest first came out in 2010, I saw a picture of the mountains on it, just amazed. I knew I would see them one day. 7 years later I did and checked it off my 30 before 30 bucket list.

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17. Start a Blog

For years now I’ve been talking to anyone that will listen about starting a blog for my travels. Everyone told me I should do it, just start one they said. Starting off I quickly became familiar with not knowing wtf I was doing. Just coming up with a name took me forever. I kept putting it off and telling myself that eventually, one day, I was going to sit down and just DO IT. That day finally came in November 2017, and Her Life Adventures began.

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18. Road trip across the country

Are you ready for an adventure of a lifetime? Join me on all my road trips adventures across the country, taking in the sights, smells, and sounds of some of the most beautiful places in America. From the grandeur of the Grand Canyon, to the unique culture of the New Orleans French Quarter, and the serenity of the rolling hills of Kentucky, my trips have been one for the books. Get your maps ready, pack your bags, and come join me on the road!

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19. Eat street food in SOUTHEAST ASIA

If you’re looking for an unforgettable culinary experience, there is no better destination than Southeast Asia. With an explosion of flavor and texture, street food in Southeast Asia is sure to tantalize your tastebuds. From popular dishes like Pad Thai to regional delicacies like Hainanese chicken rice, the amazing street food here will have your mouth watering. It’s time to embark on an incredible food journey and taste the best of Southeast Asian cuisine!

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20. Visit the U.S Capital

Fancy an adventure? Then you should consider visiting the U.S Capital! Washington D.C. is a city full of history, adventure, and culture. From the iconic monuments to the bustling downtown scene, there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

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21. walk the freedom trail in Boston

Experience Boston’s iconic 2.5-mile red line leading to 16 nationally significant historic sites. The Freedom Trail is a unique collection of museums, churches, meeting houses, burying grounds, parks, a ship, and historic markers that tell the story of the American Revolution and beyond.

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Road trip highway 1 in California

22. Road trip highway 1 in California

Embark on a journey to explore the rugged beauty and breathtaking views along the famed California Highway 1 road trip. Experience the world-class waves of the Pacific Coast, the craggy cliffs of Big Sur, the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, and the redwood forests of the north coast. From the bright lights of Los Angeles to the quaint towns of the Central Coast, this road trip promises an unforgettable experience.

23. Trek The Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto

The  Fushimi Inari Shrine is an important Shinto shrine in southern Kyoto. This shrine is well-known for its trail and tunnels of 10,000 red/orange torii or traditional Japanese gates that led to sacred Mount Inari. At the shrine’s entrance stands the Romon Gate, which was donated in 1589. On your way up the stairs, there are a couple of break areas because the hike can get strenuous.

The hike to the summit of the mountain and back takes about 2-3 hours, however, visitors can walk just as far as they wish before turning back. Along the way, there are multiple smaller shrines with stacks of miniature torii gates that were donated by visitors. There are also a few restaurants along the way, which offer locally themed dishes such as Inari Sushi and Kitsune Udon. 

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24. Party in Las Vegas

Pool parties, walking around with giant margarita tubes, eating and drinking everything, and then of course – the nightclubs. But don’t forget to visit Old Vegas, you might find you like it more than the strip! Take a virtual vacation to Las Vegas before your visit to scout out the best spots!

25. Take a day trip to the valley of fire

The Wave hike and more in this adventure itinerary will provide you all the information you need for your visit to Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada. The best hikes, what to do, where to stay, tours, how to get there and more! | #nevadatravel #nevadaroadtrip #valleyoffire #statepark #photos #hiking #camping #photography

Valley of Fire state park is located in the U.S. state Nevada, just a couple hours north of Las Vegas. The park is known for its incredible red sandstone formations, which form the valley.

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26. Hike to Machu Picchu

Hiking to Machu Picchu along the Inca trail in Peru is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I highly recommend doing this before 30 to take advantage of all that stamina!

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27. Island Hop in Thailand

If you’re looking for an incredible adventure, then an island hop in Thailand is an absolute must. From the lush jungles and bright blue waters of Phuket to the white-sand beaches and beautifully preserved culture of Koh Samui, the country’s incredible islands provide a mesmerizing glimpse into a world of tropical beauty. For those seeking a truly special experience, Thailand’s islands offer a unique and unforgettable journey.

28. US National Park Roadtrip

Another 30 before 30 bucket list item I had was visiting Zion National Park, and doing a road trip from there to Bryce Canyon National Park, Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, and Lake Powell. So Grace and I took a road trip through the US National Parks! We’ve seen some amazing sights and done some great hiking. Can’t wait to see what the next few days bring!

29. Go Brewery Hopping in Beer City USA

“Beer City U.S.A” is otherwise known on the map as Grand Rapids, Michigan. Visit in late September, or early October for the most spectacular display of nature you’ll see all year in the midwest. The fall color drives throughout Michigan are incredible this time of year, so grab your designated driver and head west.

30. ADOPT a Furbaby

Adopting a dog is a very “grown-up” decision, as they are just like babies. They require your attention, to be let outside, to be fed, and walked. You’ll have to clean up their poop in the backyard and on their walks. Find a dog sitter when you want to travel. Take them to the vet when they are sick. Clean up after them when they get sick in the house. ETC… but they are 110{44affb6c5789133b77de981cb308c1480316fee51f5fd5f1575b130f48379a33} worth it. Having a companion that loves you unconditionally is a very special bond and a lot of responsibility.

Start a Blog

For years now I’ve been talking to anyone that will listen about starting a blog for my travels. Everyone told me I should do it, just start one they said. Starting off I quickly became familiar with not knowing wtf I was doing. Just coming up with a name took me forever. I kept putting it off and telling myself that eventually, one day, I was going to sit down and just DO IT. That day finally came in November 2017, and Her Life Adventures began.

30 Adventures You MUST Have Before 3030 Adventures You MUST Have Before 3030 Adventures You MUST Have Before 3030 Adventures You MUST Have Before 3030 Adventures You MUST Have Before 3030 Adventures You MUST Have Before 30